"Investing time and money in lighting reduces expenses for your software team, reduces erroneous fault detection while increasing your ratio of success – all by making use of more than 15 years’ experience with high power LEDs in machine vision"

Martin Merkler, Product Manager Corona Illuminations

Corona II LED line scan light

Light is the first important step for a successful machine vision application. Even with line scan cameras the requirements for light are high. Chromasens enables customers to achieve their objective with fewer complications. The Corona II family offers a wide range of lighting for line scanning:

Dark Field Illumination

Dark field illumination
  • Up to 3,500,000 Lux
  • Patented reflector technology

Bright Field Illumination

Bright field illumination
  • 300,000 cd/m²
  • High homogeneity

Tube Light

Tube light
  • 1,200,000 Lux
  • Very compact design

Coaxial Module

Durchlicht / Hellfeld
  • Bright field option
  • Dark field option


LED Controller

  • 4 channels
  • 80 watts output per channel


  • Choice of 10 different LEDs
  • 365 nm to 940 nm




One of the most important points to consider when using LEDs in machine vision is how to keep the device cool, even with modern high power LEDs. Chromasens offers a modular system for cooling.