Pharma industry

In the pharma industry, image processing is an important component from diagnostics to quality assurance of products and packaging.


  • Inspection of drug packages (blister)
  • Diagnosis of skin diseases
  • Digital Microscopy

Drawing: Compact, fully integrated line scan camera inspection module for the inspection of pharmaceutical packaging.
Tunnel illumination reduces local reflections in the image.


The most important requirements for cameras in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • High optical resolution

  • High color fidelity for inspection of packaging, tablets and diagnostic applications

  • Very low dark noise of CCD cameras for high quality microscopy images

  • High-resolution 3D and color images for tablet inspection

  • Fast image acquisition and high image transfer rates

  • Multi-channel flashing to capture up to four images with different parameters in one pass

  • Precise trigger synchronization for multi-camera image acquisition

  • Compatibility with standards such as GigEVision and GenICam

3D & color data of a tablet
Pill in RGB
Pill depth map


Chromasens already has many years of experience in the medical, life science and pharmaceutical sectors, for example in the inspection of blister packs and the three-dimensional measurement of tablets and the three-dimensional measurement of tablets. The high color fidelity and resolution of our line scan cameras is also suitable for the diagnosis of skin diseases as well as digital recording systems in microscopes.
The intensive cooperation with the customer in the form of comprehensive support throughout all project phases is a cornerstone of our company philosophy. During system development, all factors are taken into account to ensure an economical and reliable product solution with optimized production technology.