The allPIXA SWIR is the first short-wave infrared (SWIR) line scan camera in Chromasens' allPIXA family. The state-of-the-art InGaAs sensor in a compact footprint allows its integration for multiple machine vision applications.
It offers an uncooled sensor with 1k resolution and 12.5 μm pixel size for high resolution, high sensitivity and a line rate of 40 kHz. GenICam compliant GigE Vision and CameraLink interfaces allow an easy integration into existing machine vision systems.

Title ID & Code
allPIXA SWIR 1k CameraLink C-Mount CP000700-IR-01K-CL-001
allPIXA SWIR 1k GigE C-Mount CP000700-IR-01K-GE-001
Titel Data
Sensor Linear InGaAs sensor
Number of pixels 1,024 px x 1
Pixel size 12.5 µm x 12.5 µm
Max. line rate 40 kHz
Data format 8, 10, 12 Bit
Digital inputs 3x RS422 (only GigE version)
Digital ouputs 2x RS422 (only GigE version)
Trigger modes Free run/ External trigger / Software trigger
Spectral sensitivity 950 to 1,700 nm
Lens Mount C-Mount
Protection class IP40
Conformity 2004/30/EU
EN 61326-1:2013
EN 62311:2008
Power supply 6W
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C (housing temperature)
Dimensions L=62 mm, H=62 mm, D=52 mm


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