6 Chromasens GmbH Max Stromeyer Straße 116 78467 Konstanz Germany allPIXA Color Line Scan Cameras Precision in Color High sensitivity tri linear RGB sensors Scan rates up to 34 kHz for standard configurations up to 110 kHz in special OEM configurations True RGB at excellent signal to noise ratio Camera overview Continuous white balancing Large 10μm CCD pixels for best image quality Internal 14 bit A D conversion per color channel Multiple Color Conversion Matrix CCM supported Internal gamma correction Color quality Internal keystone correction for multiple angle positioning of the camera Automatic insertion of machine and camera data inside the image e g time stamp encoder position scanning speed checksum Sub pixel accuracy for registration error compensation patented Precise multiple camera synchronization Comprehensive trigger options Test image generator Adjustable Camera Link clock Grey image output at individual color weights 100 quality checked and calibrated to provide best quality and consistent camera performance Graphical user interface for easy parameter setting control and integration of the camera Rigorously tested with all popular frame grabbers Functionality Intelligence The Chromasens allPIXA is an outstanding fast tri linear CCD color line scan camera It combines the excellent image quality of CCD sensors with extremely high line rates

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