4 Chromasens GmbH Max Stromeyer Straße 116 78467 Konstanz Germany LAKESIGHT Technologies Machine vision is a large fast growing market characterized by high fragmentation where 90 of suppliers have a turnover below 10 million Small machine vision companies despite their strong innovation capabilities have similar size related issues such as narrow product offerings small and local sales teams limited access to management resources lack of strategic focus and investment constraints Lakesight aims at overcoming these issues by establishing a European platform comprised of smaller synergic players that can share sales channels management resources and investment programs Lakesight s end goal is to create a unique machine vision player with global ambitions Lakesight Technologies Holding GmbH is based in the Munich area and controls three highly complementary and synergic companies Tattile since 2012 Mikrotron 2015 and Chromasens 2017 based in Brescia Italy is one of the pioneers in the machine vision sector with a strong machine vision products portfolio focused on smart cameras area scan cameras line scan cameras and vision controllers for a variety of industrial applications In addition the company has developed a strong presence in the mobility sector becoming one of the worldwide leaders in traffic management applications based in Unterschleißheim Germany is a renowned manufacturer of high speed cameras on the international market of industrial image processing Mikrotron high speed cameras have excellent technical characteristics in terms of resolution photosensitivity and robustness and are used for industrial and scientific applications as well as in other high performance applications based in Konstanz Germany is a worldwide leader in line scan technology The company provides customized systems for high quality image capturing in 2D and 3D line scan cameras 3D and multispectral cameras and high intensity LED light sources Chromasens products are installed in all sorts of applications ranging from electronics and semiconductor inspection food inspection print inspection up to security technology

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