www chromasens com 17Phone 49 7531 876 0 Fax 49 7531 876 303 eMail info chromasens de Food Electronics Wood Print inspection Surface inspection Document scanning Food inspection Steel inspection Semiconductor industry Measurement and quality control Web inspection General machine vision Sorting processes Applications Specifications CORONA II Illuminance white Up to 3 500 000 lux 60 mm focus Type A Min 1 500 000 lux 95 mm focus Type B Min 800 000 lux 190 mm focus Type C Min 300 000 lux parallel focus Type D Available module length 60 mm Type A 95 mm Type B 190 mm Type C parallel Type D Focal length 60 mm 95 mm 190 mm parallel LED colors White 5500 Kelvin or 3500 Kelvin Red 632 nm Green 520 nm Blue 452 nm IR 850 nm and 940 nm D50 UV 395 nm on request Ports One LED channel per 170 mm segment I C port for temperature control and identification Cable length Standard length 2 5 m or 5 m Up to 15 m or drag chain cable on request Protection class IP 54 Operating temperature 0 C to 70 C housing temperature Certifications CE FCC complient RoHS LED CONTROL UNIT XLC4 Input voltage 24 Volt DC 10 approx 3 5 amps per used channel for full operation Output 4 current controlled outputs from 0 2 amps to 1 8 amps Output power 80 watt per channel and max output voltage up to 47 volts Controlling RS232 RS485 USB Ethernet Analog input 1 10 Volt and PWM interface Protection class IP 40 Operating temperature 0 C to 50 C housing temperature Certifications CE FCC compliant RoHS THE CHROMASENS CORONA II FAMILY Three lighting concepts BRIGHT FIELD BACK LIGHTING TOP LIGHT DARK FIELD TUBE LIGHTING

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