Smart Camera S100 / S50

S100 / S50 is Tattile’ series of Smart Cameras dedicated to Machine Vision applications for different markets as packaging, automotive, semiconductors, food processing, etc.

Completely “in-house”: designed, developed and manufactured by Tattile, S100 / S50 Series has highly sophisticated technology with extremely compact dimensions.

Smart Cameras S100 / S50 are equipped with Zynq® architecture from Xilinx, so a FPGA and a CPU onboard for a powerful Image Processing. This makes the S100 / S50 a “All in One” product: the CPU that processes data, captures images, performs the check-ups required by the application, and sends the results to the user’s machine. The internal FPGA manages directly acquisition and pre-processing, to reduce CPU workload. CPU will be exclusively dedicated to the image analysis. The S100 has a Dual Core processor, while S50 has a Single Core processor, both with an FPGA of 28 KLEs.
S100 / S50 Series is available with CMOS sensors with resolution of  VGA, 2 MegaPixels e 4 MegaPixels, with an acquisition speed from 250 fps for VGA sensor, to 35 fps for 4 MegaPixels sensor. The speed can be further increased by partializing the acquisition, therefore reducing the size of the image (windowing).

The camera is equipped with a series of communication interfaces:

  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • 1 RS232 / RS485 serial port.
  • 2 digital inputs.
  • 2 digital outputs.
  • 2 Strobe outputs.

All the communication interfaces are handled by FPGA, in order to ensure “real time” management.

The computing power, due to the Zynq® architecture which enables you to capture and process images at high speed, makes S100 / S50 a top range product on the market in regards to performance level, despite its compact size.

S100 / S50 features a cut of Linux, the open operating system, therefore the customer can create the application using Tattile’ software or third party compatible software/libraries.
Smart Camera has a storage capacity of 8 Giga, thanks to its SD card.
The IP67 enclosure rating allows its installation in strict and difficult environments, such as in the presence of dust, dirt and water.

Key points

  • High Performance: Dual/Single Core Cortex-A9 processor and Xilinx Artix7 28 KLEs FPGA
  • Multiple resolution: VGA, 2 and 4 Megapixels global shutter CMOS image sensor
  • High speed acquisition: up to 250 fps for VGA resolution
  • Open system with Linux O.S.
  • Compact size: only 45x45x41 mm
  • IP-67 Rated enclosure
  • Complete interface and communication capabilities: Gigabit Ethernet, digital I/O, RS232/485 serial ports
Title ID & Code
S50 SMART CAMERA 640×480 MONO F01623
S50 SMART CAMERA 640×480 COLOR F01624
S110 SMART CAMERA 640×480 MONO F01616
S110 SMART CAMERA 640×480 COLOR F01617
S120 SMART CAMERA 2048×1088 MONO F01618
S120 SMART CAMERA 2048×1088 COLOR F01619
S130 SMART CAMERA 2048×2048 MONO F01620
S130 SMART CAMERA 2048×2048 COLOR F01621
DEVICE S50 S100 S120 S130
Resolution 640x480 640x480 2048x1024 2048x2048
Frame rate 120 fps 250 fps 70 fps 35 fps
Sensor type 1/3” CMOS 1/3” CMOS 2/3” CMOS 1” CMOS
Sensor model CMV300 CMV300 CMV2000 CMV4000
CPU Single Core ARM Cortex-A9 800MHz Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 800MHz
System RAM 512 MB
Flash Memory Secure Digital 8 GB (up to 32 GB)
FPGA Xilinx Artix-7 28K LEs
Lighting direct channel 2
Strobe output 2
Digital inputs 2
Digital outputs 2 PNP
LAN Gigabit Ethernet
Serial port RS232-RS485
Internal Protection IP67
Lens C-mount
Operating system IEEE 802.3 af
Power supply Linux
Power consumption 4.5 W

Data Sheet Download
S100-S50 Smart Camera datasheet *.pdf
Catalogue Download
Machine Vision Catalogue                   *.pdf