Line Scan Camera TAG-7

TAG-7 is a family of technologically advanced linescan cameras, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s machine vision applications.

The TAG-7 cameras are available with both GigE Vision and CameraLink interfaces, with high-class mono,and color sensors.

The CameraLink versions have a speed up to up to 80 KHz and are targeted to high-speed applications.

They support Base, Medium, Full and 80-bit modes and PoCL (Power over Camera Link) for easier cabling.

The TAG-7 GigE Vision cameras supports longer cables than Camera Link, do not require a frame-grabber and have a speed up to 49 KHz. They can be easily integrated to any GigE-compliant processing unit such as the M180 GigE Vision Controller.

The TAG-7 cameras have an internal FPGA that can be customized so to tailor specific requirements.

All the TAG-7 cameras have the same compact size (only 62x62x30mm) and the same rugged and stable enclosure.

Key points

  • Linear CMOS sensors with resolutions from 2K up to 8K, mono and color
  • High Speed: up to 80 KHz line rate
  • GigE Vision and CameraLink protocols
  • Internal FPGA for image pre-processing
  • Compact size of 62x62x30 mm
TAG-7 GigE Series – Part Numbers
F01625 2048@49000 Mono
F01631 4096@24000 Mono
F01647 8192@12000 Mono
F01627 2×2048@24000 Color
F01643 2×4096@12000 Color
MODEL Monochrome Bilinear
Resolution 2048 4096 8192 2x2048 2x4096
GigE Line Rate 49 KHz 24 KHz 12 KHz 24 KHz 12 KHz
CLink Line Rate 80 KHz
Type Mono Mono Mono Color Color
Sensor type CMOS Awaiba
Pixel size (μm) 7 x 7 7 x 7 3.5 x 3.5 7 x 7 7 x 7
Pixel Bit Depth 8 / 10 / 12 bit
FPGA Altera Cyclone IV 40K LEs
Lens F-mount, C-mount
Sync External trigger / Free run
Digital inputs 3 RS422 (only GigE version)
Digital outputs 2 RS422 (only GigE version)
Power supply +12/24 VDC
PoCL (only CameraLink version)
Power consumption 3.6 W
Dimensions 62x62x28.9
Conformity CE, RoHS

Data Sheet Download
TAG7 Line scan camera Datasheet *.pdf
Catalogue Download
Machine Vision Catalogue                *.pdf