3DPIXA wave compact 8µm

The 3DPIXA is ideally suited for fast and precise 3D measurements. With its unique combination of line scan camera technology and fast 3D stereo calculation on graphics cards, the 3DPIXA simultaneously delivers 3D data and color images. In principle, all types of illumination can be used for image capturing with 3DPIXA.

Optical resolution (µm/pixel) 8
Field of view (mm) 36
Number of pixel 4500
Height resolution (µm)* 2.25
Height range (mm)** 1.32
Free working distance (mm) 155
Maximum speed (mm/s) 147
Line frequency (kHz) 18.4
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 228x100x114
Camera Stereo camera with lenses (factory calibrated)
Sensor Quad-linear CCD line-sensor (RGB)
Active pixel size 5.6 μm x 5.6 μm
Interfaces Camera Link Base/Medium
External I/O
Serial (RS-232)
Power supply (Hirose)
Power supply 24 V DC +/- 10% 16 W
Trigger mode Free run / external trigger
Operating temperature 0°C to 60°C, 32°F to 140°F (housing temperature)
Additional accessories Chromasens Corona II illumination
Certifications CE, FCC compliant, RoHS


* Height range and height resolution depend on object surface.
** For well structured surfaces the height range can exceed the specified values.


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