COVID-19 Statement

A statement by Peter Tix about measures taken by Chromasens to secure deliveries during the COVID-19 crisis.


New Technical Note

This technical note is about an alternative 3D reconstruction method.


New White Paper

This white paper gives a comprehensive overview on the limitations of the block-matching approach in height reconstruction for passive stereoscopy. It describes a variety of different artefacts that appear at certain image features.


New customer story

Line-based stereo vision system checks ball and roller bearings. Read the whole case study here.


Fast 100% Inline Print Inspection for the Packaging Industry

Quality control within package printing processes is one of the key fields of application of fast, high-performance color line scan cameras. To this end, Irish machine vision specialist OneBoxVision has developed an "out of the box" solution for 100% inline inspection.


New White Paper

When designing spectral camera sensitivity curves for multi-channel cameras, various aspects have to be considered. In addition to the feasibility of the found function, these are the saturation behavior and the signal-to-noise ratio under the assumed lighting conditions.


Automation Expo India 2019

Meet Chromasens at the Automation Expo 2019 in India, September 25-28.


International Vision Standards Meeting 2019

Lakesight Technologies organises this years International Vision Standards Meeting.


New White Paper from Chromasens

Chromasens presents two new white papers that address technological and application-specific issues.


Chromasens product novelties compactly presented

Get the most important information about the Chromasens VISION 2018 highlights - clearly and concisely presented in our new ePaper, which is available as a web version and in PDF format.