TechTalk Webinars

We are participating in 4 TechTalk webinars on machine vision, 3D metrology and embedded vision.


New camera - allPIXA evo 8k

We are proud to introduce our newest camera: the allPIXA evo 8k!


First Chromasens SWIR camera

The allPIXA SWIR is the first short-wave infrared (SWIR) line scan camera in Chromasens' allPIXA family.


3DPIXA wave for BGA inspection

In the electronics and semiconductor industry soldering connections using BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays) are widespread. Most prominent examples are the mounting of microprocessors.The only way to ensure this is a one hundred percent inspection, where each solder ball must be measured three-dimensionally.


Updated product brochure

Read the complete brochure in English here & in Mandarin here


Technical Note - Semiconductor wafer inspection using allPIXA wave

Capturing yield limiting defects is crucial for semiconductor wafer devices yield. Here we describe how semiconductor wafer manufacturing can take advantage of its ultra-high resolution 15,360 pixels and rich features to advantage of in-line inspection systems allPIXA wave Trilinear color and mono TDI line scan camera.


Whitepaper - Synchronizing modes of allPIXA classic, pro and wave

The white paper gives a general overview as well as to function as a reference for all tasks related to synchronizing allPIXA classic, allPIXA pro and allPIXA wave cameras.


Connector pin inspection

This report is an example how to use a 3DPixa and the 3DAPI to implement a measuring task for connectors.


COVID-19 Statement

A statement by Peter Tix about measures taken by Chromasens to secure deliveries during the COVID-19 crisis.


New Technical Note

This technical note is about an alternative 3D reconstruction method.