World Premiere: 3D Color Line Scan Camera with 2.5μm Optical Resolution

Monday, 5. February 2018

Chromasens has expanded it’s 3DPIXA camera family with the introduction of the world's first 3D stereo line-scan color camera to feature an optical resolution of 2.5 μm/pixel.

The newest innovation of the Constance-based machine vision specialist enables the capture of extremely detail-rich signals that up to now could only be achieved through complex multi-camera solutions.

The camera performs high-speed inline 3D measurements and captures defects on complex surfaces in the micrometer range to automatically reject the part before it enters downstream process chains.

Semiconductor failure analysis, inline height measurements, and the inspection of miniature electronics benefit from the camera's 16mm FOV and flexible line rates up to 21,200 lines per second. Adding to its versatility is the ability to combine both 3D and 2D color inspection simultaneously to open up new and unique applications in science, medical and industrial sectors.

To assist in set-up and operation, the 3DPIXA dual HR 2µm camera includes free 3D software - the Chromasens viewer and CS-3D-API - which provide height maps and 3D point clouds for rapid part visualization with the viewer.