Machine Vision Cameras from Lakesight Technologies at sps ipc drives Italia

Wednesday, 21. March 2018

Lakesight Technologies Group presents at sps ipc drives Italia camera systems for the most demanding machine vision applications:

Mikrotron: High resolution, great sensitivity

Mikrotron GmbH will present its new line of extremely compact high-resolution high-speed CoaXPress and CameraLink machine vision cameras, namely EoSens 25CXP+, EoSens® 12CXP+ and EoSens® 25CL+. All three new camera models are powered by an advanced OnSemi PYTHON CMOS sensor. The high resolution of the CMOS global shutter camera models, combined with a precise trigger and synchronization, a high frame rate and short integration times , give a perfect image quality and allow, for example, capturing even the smallest details of components in PCB assembly in high speed.

Chromasens: Optimized for 3D-applications

The new models of the stereo camera 3DPIXA HR offer a lateral resolutions of 5 and 2.5 microns. Optimized optical components and high performance tri-linear RGB line sensors ensure that the new camera models perfectly match high accuracy 3D applications such as inspection of surfaces and electronic components. In addition, the allPIXA wave colour line scan cameras with CMOS sensors deploying 10.000 and 15.000 pixels are now available with the pioneering features of the allPIXA camera family. They are engineered to ensure consistent colour quality for colour management applications and precise colour inspection.

Tattile: Smart Cameras

In the range of the compact and performing Smart Camera offered by Tattile, the new S12MP is the cutting edge product. It's an high resolution and high speed smart camera, with 125kLEs programmable FPGA that is the heart of the system; the S12MP is supposed to be used with most of the algorithms loaded directly on the FPGA. Furthermore, with the standard OS (Linux) and a dual core ARM CPU it’s possible to develop vision application using third party compatible software/libraries.

Visit us at sps Italia at pavillon 6, booth K042 - Join our live demonstrations or talk to our experts about your specific machine vision requirements!