GigE Cameras and 3D Camera with CMOS-Sensor: Chromasens VISION-Highlights

Monday, 5. November 2018

Chromasens will be presenting four new line scan cameras at VISION 2018. The allPIXA evo is a new family of GigE cameras with a 10k and a 15k version. It offers high image quality combined with a very fast data transfer rate via the 10 GigE standard interface. The chromaPIXA is designed for high demands on color stability and color accuracy. And the 3DPIXA camera family has been extended by a new model with CMOS sensor.

allPIXA evo: Line scan camera with GigE Interface

The dual 10 GigE interface enables fast RGB color scanning at line rates of up to 48 kHz for the 10K model and up to 33 kHz for the 15K version. Both cameras are GigE Vision 2.0 compliant. Thanks to the GigE interface, there are hardly any restrictions in cable length, which can be up to 300 m (with multi-mode fiber). The new and easy to integrate GigE Vision-compliant software development kit (SDK) features an intuitive graphical tool for camera control and image capture, it runs under Windows and Linux.

chromaPIXA: Color output with high accuracy in all standard color spaces

The new Chromasens chromaPIXA line scan camera enables stable inline color measurement in a wide variety of extended color spaces, greatly simplifying downstream color processing. The chromaPIXA’s output in LAB format allows for the determination of color differences in respect to the perception of the human eye. The chromaPIXA is calibrated by using the new, fast, and intuitive chromaCalc software and is compatible with all standard color charts.

3DPIXA compact 10 μm: 3D Camera with highest resolution

The 3DPIXA compact 10 μm is the first Chromasens 3D camera with CMOS sensor. The 15k CMOS RGB sensor is already being used in the allPIXA wave and has proven its capabilities there. With an optical resolution of 10 μm, the sensor allows for scanning widths of up to 56 mm. In addition, the Camera Link interface supports extended cable lengths of up to 15 meters.

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