Chromasens CORONA II tube light

Friday, 20. March 2015

Chromasens expands its range of illumination systems for industrial image processing with a new tube light variant. This allows a bright field condition to be realised during inspection tasks, so that level and at the same time reflective partitions are no longer produced in the dark, but in the light.

With the new CORONA II tube light system the camera looks at the lighting at an angle of 15o. Disruptive reflections, caused by the 'glancing angle', where the camera looks out of the tube light illumination, through the opening, and into the 'dark', are completely avoided. The level and reflective surfaces are now brightly contrasted.

This physical 'trick' allows new areas of use. The new tube light offer clear benefits in the inspection of electronic boards, for example.

In the raw image the results are visually still very similar. However, the image with the viewing angle of 15 degrees is much easier to binarise and leads to a better inspection result. The new tube light system is now available.

With the Corona II series Chromasens has a wide spectrum of highly specialised illumination systems. Alongside solutions for light field and dark field illumination, the company also offers tube light illuminations with a luminosity of up to 1.2 MegaLux. These systems are designed for areas of use where diffused lighting conditions are required, such as the inspection of metallic objects with highly reflective or shiny surfaces.