allPIXA wave color line scan camera

Thursday, 31. March 2016

Chromasens GmbH has again raised the performance bar by today introducing the world's first trilinear true color RGB line scan sensor with more than 10000 pixels: the Chromasens 10k and 15k allPIXA wave cameras. Leveraging advanced technology, both the 10k and 15k models maximize the potential of machine vision systems used to inspect flat panel displays, narrow and wide web, textiles, and PCB boards, among many other applications, helping manufacturers drive business results and meet quality control goals.

Chromasens allPIXA wave cameras deliver CCD image quality with CMOS performance, plus offer the added system flexibility of increased scan line lengths up to 15k x 4 lines, along with line frequencies topping out at a maximum speed of 47.72 kH at 850 megapixels per second throughput. Internal keystone correction allows for multiple angle positioning of the camera, while a simplified graphical user interface and an integrated test image generator enables easier setup and diagnostic functions. Small footprints, robust designs and high-strength steel mounting threads give system integrators more choice to resolve a multitude of industrial imaging challenges in tight spaces. Adding to the cameras' system flexibility is the universal Camera Link interface.

Core to the success of the allPIXA wave's design is unmatched color quality that extends Chromasens' reputation as the leader in color line scan technology. Features such as multiple color conversion matrix, continuous white balancing and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio empower the cameras to yield ultra-high color resolution up to 15360 pixels x 4 lines with 5.6 μm x 5.6 μm pixel size. And since allPIXA wave cameras offer "true" color, there is virtually no spatial distance between each of the sensor's three native color (RGB) lines giving highly precise color registration, enhanced edge sharpness and no "halo" image distortion problems.

The Chromasens allPIXA wave 10k model has a maximum color line rate of 10240 pixels x 3 up to 25.48 kHz (25.48 kHz mono), and measures 102mm x 76mm x 56mm. (WxHxD) The allPIXA wave 15k camera offers a maximum line rate of 15360 x 3 to 18.43 kHz (25.48 kHz mono), and measures 102mm x 100mm x 56m. For more information, visit allPIXA wave product page