3D image capturing allows new generation of AOI solutions

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3D image capturing allows new generation of AOI solutions

Thursday, 1. January 2015

The development of ever smaller components and integrated circuits requires both highly precise production processes and new, innovative methods of quality assurance. One application segment with great potential is the automated printed circuit board inspection (AOI, Automated Optical Inspection) of unpopulated and populated PCBs.

In the process, the correct assembly and correct connection of nearly all mounted electronic components, such as BGAs, SMDs, IC chips, resistors, capacitors and LEDs, are checked. State-of-the-art stereoscopic image capturing systems such as the 3DPIXA color line scan camera from Chromasens open up completely new perspectives to manufacturers of automatic AOI systems.

In contrast to the conventional mechanical and electrical inspection processes which preceded them, 3D color line scan camera systems combine 2D and 3D visualisations in one camera. The 3DPIXA has an optical resolution of 5 μm for two-dimensional colou visualisations and 1 μm for three-dimensional image capture. This high resolution is the basic requirement for the inspection of wire bonds having a thickness of less than 1 mil (1/1000 inch = 0.0254 millimetres).

The color visualisation supports troubleshooting by means of fast recognition of production errors and the color reproduction of the assembled components. The automated high-speed inspection is made possible by, among other things, the rapid image capture via intelligent GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) which assure real-time processing.

A flexible 3D-API (Application Programming Interface) offers users convenient control of all camera functions and simple integration of the AOI solution in existing applications. With the 3DPIXA, a matching offering of high-quality lighting solutions, and intelligent algorithms for 3D calculations, Chromasens caters to manufacturers of AOI systems and the system integrators specialising in this segment.

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Founded in 2004 as a former division of Siemens AG, Chromasens GmbH designs, develops and produces innovative image capturing and processing systems to satisfy the most stringent of demands. Chromasens' expertise lies in the development of both components and systems. The optical, electronic and mechanical elements of high-performance cameras and illumination systems are perfectly adapted to suit the specific tasks faced by each individual customer. The company is based in Constance, Germany, and is ISO 9001 certified. Chromasens offers professional advice and support throughout each phase of the project cycle to its direct and project customers who require customized, individual image capturing solutions. The company's standardized image processing components are distributed worldwide via certified value-added distributors.

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