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Chromasens: New member of Lakesight technologies group

The company group’s aim is to build up a world-leading provider of industrial image processing solutions. The Constance based company remains an independent GmbH with the two managing directors Martin Hund and Markus Schnitzlein, who are both also represented in the Board of Directors of Lakesight. 

Machine Vision 'Made in Germany'

Chromasens develops and produces both standardized machine vision components - as line scan cameras, spectral cameras, 3D stereo cameras and LED illumination systems...


Chromasens GmbH joined the Lakesight Group in May 2017. The trade magazine INSPECT spoke to Chromasens’ CEO Markus Schnitzlein about the reasons for this decision and what synergy effects could be expected within the Lakesight Group. Read excerpts from the interview.

Chromasens' newest camera, the 3DPIXA dual 200 µm HR, is designed for high-speed 3D inspection tasks requiring a maximum field-of-view of 1400mm (55 inches). 

Chromasens joins the Lakesight Technologies Group.