Data Sheet Download
3DPIXA Data Sheet *.pdf
立体线阵扫描相机 Data Sheet in Chinese *.pdf
General Introductions Download
3DPIXA General Introduction *.pdf
Getting Started Download
3DPIXA Getting Started *.pdf
Manual Download
3DPIXA Manual *.pdf
System Requirements Download
3DPIXA System Requirements *.pdf

Please check ID & Code in order to choose the right camera model.

Whitepapers Download
Application Overview *.pdf
Repeatability *.pdf
Options and challenges with wirebond inspection *.pdf
3D-Software Download
3D-API Manual *.pdf
3D-Viewer Manual *.pdf
3D-Software-Package Windows *.exe
3D-Software-Package Linux
(Beta Version) Ubuntu 16.04
Release Notes *.txt
Release Notes - Calibration V2 *.txt
3D Camera Toolkit für LabVIEW *.vip
CST (Camera Setup Tool) Download
CST *.zip
CST Release Notes *.pdf
Chromasens Camera API Download
API Manual *.pdf
API Code and Samples *.zip
API Release Notes *.pdf
HSI Description *.pdf