truePIXA Multi-Spectral Line Scan Camera

Key Features

  • Multi-spectral line scan camera.
  • 6-12 spectral channels.
  • 100% inspection and color measurement.
  • Color measurement in LAB.
  • Accuracy better than deltaE=1.


Combining line scan technology with a color measurement system, the Chromasens truePIXA camera delivers extremely accurate measurements of colors along with absolute color coordinates. Spectral selective image sensors acquire a multi-channel image of the object. With up to 12 spectral channels, these images are the basis for calculating spectral values and color coordinates with the innovative Chromantis software developed by Chromasens. The spectral images and color coordinates are made available with the Chromantis-API that can be easily integrated into your software environment. Use the Chromantis GUI for a quick start.


The truePIXA features high spectral resolution for detecting small color differences that cannot be distinguished by conventional RGB cameras. Line scan technology achieves high transport speeds: for example, up to 5 m/s at an optical resolution of 0.25 mm/pixel are possible. Measure up to 100,000 regions of interest per second. These capabilities open up new color inspection applications. For stable color measurements Chromasens offers its Corona II family of line illuminations featuring evenly spectral intensity and temperature stabilization for long-term color constancy. In particular, the Corona D 50 is designed for color inspection in the visible range.

Technical Data

truePIXA-Modell truePixa Version Number of Sensors Optical Resolution
µm/px / Dpi
Field of View in mm Max. Transport Speed
Recommended light length
in mm
C01-043 compact 1 600 / 43 975 12.7 1360
C01-050 compact 1 503 / 50 820 10.6 1030
C01-090 compact 1 282 / 90 450 5.9 680
C01-130 compact 1 195 / 130 298 4.1 340
C02-200 compact 1 125 / 200 165 2.6 340
C02-423 compact 1 60 / 423 90 1.2 340


The truePIXA is ideal for a wide range of high-speed challenges where precise color control during manufacturing or production processes is critical. Some examples are manufacturing of synthetic materials, ceramics, synthetic stones and colored flooring. Other than color control applications, sorting of natural materials, such as vegetables and food items, is an excellent field of application. Color quality of the end product is ensured through the uniform coloration process of the raw materials. In addition, when combined with the broadband line array LED light Corona II D50, it is possible for the first time to achieve full image high-resolution inline measurements of color and spectra in printing processes.


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