Color Line Scan Camera allPIXA

Key Features

  • CCD high-sensitive trilinear sensor.
  • 2k, 4k, 7.3k resolution.
  • Max. line rates up to 110kHz.
  • True RGB at excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Standardized CameraLink interface (Base, Medium).


The Chromasens allPIXA is an outstanding fast tri-linear CCD color line scan camera. It combines the outstanding image quality of CCD sensors with extremely high line rates. Achieving a variety in line lengths up to 3 x 7300 pixel and a maximum speed of a previously unattainable 110kHz results in maximum flexibility for your most demanding applications.
In addition, the tri-linear CCD technology produces outstanding color fidelity for the best image quality. When brought together into one camera, these unique features and broad range of functionalities are perfectly matched to any application, such as print and surface inspection, measurement and quality control, web inspection and document scanning in color and monochrome.

Custom Design (OEM)

Chromasens has more than 22 years of experience in providing individual system solutions, each of which were conceived to meet precise customer-specific needs. By working hand-in-hand with customers, Chromasens engineers and scientists develop the optimal camera system for their needs. Chromasens expertise lies in a knowledge of all areas that are critical for high-quality image capturing – lenses, electronics, illumination, mechanics and software – as well as in every aspect of system integration. The majority of OEM customers come to us for cameras tailored to their unique needs that they could only find at Chromasens.

Contact us if you need customised cameras developed specially for you.


  • High-sensitivity tri-linear CCD color sensor from 2048 x 3 pixels to 7300 x 3 pixels.
  • Scan rates up to 60 kHz for standard configurations (up to 110 kHz in special OEM configurations).
  • Large 10μm CCD pixels for best image quality.
  • Multiple Color Conversion Matrix (CCM) supported.
  • Internal keystone correction for multi-angle positioning of the camera.
  • Sub-pixel accuracy for registration error compensation (patented).


  • Print inspection
  • Surface inspection
  • Document scanning
  • Measurement / Quality control
  • Web inspection
  • General machine vision
  • Sorting processes

Technical Data

Title Data
Sensor type Trilinear CCD color line scan sensor
Pixel size 10 μm * 10 μm
Maximum data rate 510 MBytes/s
Max. Line Rate 1024 x 3 Pixel with up to 110 kHz (Only OEM)
2048 x 3 Pixel with up to 60,7 kHz (CP000383-A-2048-S-C)
4096 x 3 Pixel with up to 34,4 kHz (CP000383-A-4096-S-C)
7300 x 3 Pixel with up to 21,2 kHz (CP000383-A-7300-W-C)
(other sensor lengths available on request)
Spectral sensitivity 360-960 nm
Video signal 3 x 8 bit color
1 x 8/10/12 bit mono mode
Video-Output Camera Link @ 85MHz Medium, Base
Trigger modes Free run / external trigger
Interfaces CameraLink medium, base
Power supply (6-pole, Hirose)
External I/O (15-pole, DSub)
Lens adaption C-Mount, F-Mount, M39x1/26", M42x1, M72x0,75, Lens adapter and tube system
Certifications CE, FCC compliant, RoHS
Supply voltage 24 V DC +/- 10%, max. 16W
Temperature range 0°C to 60°C, 32°F to 140°F (housing temp.)
Housing dimensions L=102 mm, H=126 mm, D=68 / 77 mm


Chromasens offers a large variety of accessories designed to provide maximum flexibility and to leverage the full potential of the camera.


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