3DPIXA Stereo Line Scan Camera

Key Features

  • Stereo color line scan camera based on allPIXA.
  • 3D height map and color image simultaneously.
  • Optical resolution up to 5 micron.
  • Height resolution up to 1 micron.
  • 3D height map in real time using graphic boards.


The Chromasens 3DPIXA camera is based on the stereo principle, whereas two images are captured from the same object. Height data is calculated from these two images in real time with advanced pattern matching algorithms running on GPUs. This innovative merging of line scan technology and ultra-fast 3D stereo algorithms opens up the potential for new machine vision applications that demand precise and fast 2D and 3D measurements. The 3DPIXA stereo camera simultaneously provides color images alongside either the height map or 3D point cloud.

Included with the camera is easy-to-integrate CS-3D-API software that makes 2D images and 3D data available. Integration of CS-3D-API in machine vision libraries is an ongoing process for Chromasens and support for the most commonly used libraries will be available soon. To date, the CS-3D-API is available in National Instruments LabView software and Coake 7 from SAC.


Line scan technology is ideal for fast moving objects because it provides both high speed and high resolution images. Simultaneous capturing of 2D images and 3D height maps opens up combined 2D and 3D image processing. Optical resolution up to 5 micron delivers unprecedented height resolutions up to 1 micron, opening up new 3D inspection applications that could not be attempted in the past due to resolution and speed limitations. Because the 3D-PIXA applies the stereo approach to capturing images, it allows for illuminations that are optimal for the nature of the object surfaces. This is crucial because high precision and robust results depend on an evenly illuminated surface. The Chromasens Corona series is ideal for this type of application since it provides different kinds of high intensity illuminations suitable for the 3DPIXA stereo camera.


Applications include high precision inspection of metallic surfaces e.g. for the medical and automotive sectors, inspection of printed circuit boards and measuring of solder joints and connectors. The high resolution allows for capturing of small structures and connectors in the microelectronics and semiconductors sector. Inspection of color and shape of pharmaceutical and natural products are applications making use of the combination of color and 3D.

Software CS 3D-API

Software CS-3D
API for calculating 3D data from stereo on GPU.

Software Output
Height map 16 and / or 8 Bit rectified color image (3x8Bit) 3D point cloud.

Nvidia graphic board.

3DPIXA Models / Versions

3DPIXA-Model Optical Resolution
in µm
FOV (width)
in mm
Height Resolution*
in µm
Height Range*
in mm
Working Distance
in mm
Max. Transport Speed
in m/s
C01-015-0040 15 40 3 2,5 99,6 0,31
C01-030-0105 30 105 6 10 173,6 0,63
D01-005-0035 5 35 1 0,7 71,9 0,1
D01-015-0105** 15 105 3 2,5 229 0,31
D01-030-0210 30 215 6 10 383,3 0,63
D01-070-0500 70 500 10 52 796,9 1,45

Compact cameras are denoted with model numbers – C01.
Dual cameras are denoted with model numbers – D01.
*Height resolution and height range may depend on object surface and parameters
**The model number for D01-015-0105 is CP000520

3DPIXA Specification of Line Scan Camera (allPIXA)

Version Compact Dual
Sensor type Trilinear CCD colur line scan sensor 2 x Trilinear CCD color line scan sensor
Number of Pixels max. 3500 max. 7300
Pixel size 10 µm * 10 µm 10 µm * 10 µm
Line frequency 21,2 kHz 7K: 21,2 kHz / 4K: 34,4 kHz / 2K: 60,7kHz
Spectral sensitivity 360-960 nm 360-960 nm
Video signal 3 x 8 bit color
1 x 8/10/12 bit grey mode
3 x 8 bit color
1 x 8/10/12 bit grey mode
Trigger modes Free run / external trigger Free run / external trigger
Interfaces CameraLink (Base, Medium)
Power supply (6-pole, Hirose)
External I/O (15-pole, DSub)
2 x CameraLink (Base, Medium)
Power supply (6-pole, Hirose)
External I/O (15-pole, DSub)


Product Brochure
Chromasens 3DPIXA Stereo Line Scan CameraDownload

Application Note
High Speed Wire Bond InspectionDownload
Application Note
Optical Inspection of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)Download

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